The Jumping Bulldog is a pet boutique and online pet store carrying human grade pet food and treats, organic toys and apparel for dogs and cats, pet supplies and high-end luxury at affordable prices.

Jumping Bulldog dog daycare nyc cat sitting astoria queens new york pet store online organic pet food toys suppliesAs a long-time Astoria, New York, resident, Tania Firrigno and her French Bulldog, Oskar, are a common sight all around the Ditmars area. After her last corporate employment of almost 14 years at one of New York City’s premier international banks, she left her VP-position to devote her time to the needs of the animal companions around her neighborhood. In the summer of 2007 Tania established Astoria’s first true pet boutique on 23rd Avenue & 29th Street, where pets rule and pet lovers meet to spoil their pets!


Tania is currently the proud mom of an adorable Frenchie as well as two very sweet rescue cats; a calico named Lexie, and a black cat named Molly, who was found in a dumpster in the Bronx. Tania works closely with local rescue organizations as well as with the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. Her adoption efforts have been supported by fellow pet lover and New York State Senator, Michael Gianaris.

Tania is fully certified in Pet CPR by the American Red Cross, and she is an active supporter of the ASPCA, The Humane Society of the United States, and The Sato Project (The Dead Dog Beach PR Project), as well as a number of Astoria based pet rescue groups. She supports local charities by making financial donations and donating non-perishable products.

The Jumping Bulldog is a local drop-off point for neighbors to deposit gently used goods that will then be passed on to those who are in need.

Whenever possible, Tania fosters pets and helps them find new adopted parents. Among those critters with new homes is a pit bull, two rabbits, a guinea pig, a poodle, three cats, and an iguana. If you have a pet for adoption, contact her and she may be able to help.


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Our Philosophy

We live by a number of convictions when it comes to the wellbeing of our pets and companion animals: you can never love your pet too much. A high quality diet is the best way to ensure your pet’s longevity. Mental stimulation and physical challenges have a positive affect on your pet’s overall wellbeing and psychological state of mind. Not only do we sell the highest quality pet products, we have free playtime hours in the store where pets can come for exercise and socialization that is safe and clean.

We believe in the wisdom of nature, and products containing natural, certified organic, and human-grade ingredients. So, it is a given that all the products we carry are selected with the same qualities in mind. This philosophy carries over to the products we use during our grooming process, for pet care solutions, and to the toys, apparel, food and treats that we offer.

Most of us consider our pets a part of our family. They depend on us for their food and overall care. Here, at the Jumping Bulldog, we love your pets, and we treat them as if they were our own. Outstanding customer service is our first priority. Like family, solving problems with pets can be frustrating, and we are glad to provide free advice, tips and tricks to keep everyone in your family in good spirits. Nothing pleases us more than hearing that we helped a customer make their pet happier and healthier. We don’t look for perfection, we strive for excellence!

Why Choose Us?

We deliver what we promise, and we listen to our customers.

We research customers’ product suggestions, try products ourselves (yes, we eat treats and pet food), and we make recommendations based on experience. We educate ourselves about the products we put on the shelves, and if that means a visit to a facility or manufacturer, then we do that too.

We have done our due diligence and researched all the products we offer.

The result is that we carry only the highest quality foods and treats, as well as remedies for pets with certain health related issues. Our large assortment of holistic products includes items that aid in hip and joint care, skin and coat troubles, anxiety, digestion, immune support, urinary care, eye and ear care, holistic dental products, and much much more!