Recycle, recycle, recycle and more!

We reuse many of the packaging materials that we receive with our merchandise.  This will help in keeping costs down and minimizing the amount of waste even the smallest store will produce.

For all of your pet’s grooming needs we use earthbath products, exclusively.  earthbath products are totally natural, 100% bio-degradable and they have been produced in a cruelty-free manner –we love it!

We clean our floor with hot steam at 360 degrees F rendering all chemicals unnecessary as the powerful steam cleans and disinfects at the same time. The heat emulsifies the grease and chemicals and then the hot towel draws the emulsified "stuff" into it.  The vapor steam cleaner kills germs on contact. It heats tap water in its boiler to 360 degrees F, producing a dry vapor steam and an output temperature of 290 degrees F.  Organisms that live in colonies and form a protective covering over them are called bio-films. These organisms often live in layers, making them hard to clean. Steam kills the entire colony and removes the organisms from the surface. The heat emulsifies the grease (and chemicals) and then the hot towel draws the emulsified "stuff" into it. Only "dry steam" is added to the surface that dries in as little as a few seconds. 

We clean shelves and counter tops with imported microfiber towels that can be used with water alone, leaving most surfaces streak free.

We spot clean the occasional doggie accident with bio-degradable paper towels made from recycled materials using 'green' products.

For Oskar’s daily duties we use biodegradable waste baggies and for Lexie, our store cat, we use biodegradable cat litter made of corn husks.

We also offer our sturdy cardboard boxes to our customers and neighbors for their personal needs. Small businesses produce a lot of recyclable materials and boxes of all kinds are among them. We are happy to offer clean, tough boxes free of charge so that you don't have to spend extra money on moving and/or packing supplies -it is good for our earth and it saves tress and money. If you would like to take advantage of this free service, please call ahead of time 718 | 274-2510, or mailto so that we can put the materials aside for you to pick up.

While we do provide biodegradable plastic shopping bags to our customers, we do encourage everyone to bring their own shopping bags to preserve our planet's longevity. A great many neighbors and customers have approached us about this subject, and going forward we will be offering very durable, re-usable shopping bags for a small fee to encourage our fellow community members to be as helpful with our environment as we can.

We are grateful for any or all comments that help improve our little store and we encourage everyone to make suggestions that will help make us a better business.  As long as it is financially feasible we will always strive to improve our "green practices".

Thank you for your input!