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A & E Cleaners - Cleaning Services

2801 23rd Ave.
Astoria, New York 11105

Astoria Veterinary Group - this is a well-established, full-service, small animal veterinary facility providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care.  The doctors and nurses in this office are extremely passionate and knowledgeable, and they provide amazing care to any of our pets.  They have state-of-the art equipment for all minor issues, and the premises are impeccably clean!
23-54 Steinway Street

Astoria, NY 11105
(718) 777-0100

Bartunek Hardware – this is the place where community life and friendly service still stands for something!

28-07 23rd Ave. 
Astoria , NY 11105 
(718) 278-1723

The Blooming Company - Often overlooked but too cute, really! A small fashion boutique, with a unique collection of women's clothes and hand-crafted gifts. Beautiful items ranging from soaps to embroidered bags. 

22-75 31st ST.
Astoria, NY 11105 
(718) 726-2161

Corner 26 Taverna – here, the owner himself cooks up some fantabulous (!) dishes and becomes your friend, and so does the staff!

26-02 23rd Ave. 
Astoria , NY 11105 
(718) 777-5511

Dog Days with Donut – this is the place to contact if you are in need of truly exceptional care for your dog!  The owner of this local business is at least as nuts about your pet’s wellbeing and fun as you and I.  Another “must see” on our list of local friends.

KrisTeesKristie sells her cloth with the motto edgy style with a casual attitude, and let me tell you, she is right!  Her designs are so cool and yet so wearable for women of all ages, and the quality of her products is hard to match.  I should know, I own a few of her pieces and I love all of them.  Wanna be hip and don’t break your bank?  Shop @ Kristees.

24-01 23rd Ave. 
Astoria, NY 11105 
(718) 204-5031

Teddy’s Flower Shop – shop from my favorite local florist and love the quality and the prices of their flowers!  I have been comparing flower shops for years and I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate every bouquet they have made for me as they have by far outlasted any other shop’s arrangement.  If you want to get quality for your money then you must shop Teddy’s.

22-41 31st ST.
Astoria, NY 11105 
(718) 728-7307 · (800) 690-7951

Janet Lentini - This native Astorian has more talents than any one person should be blessed with.  Her meticulously hand-crated designs are spectacular, and no two creations are ever the same. Her creativity spans over painting, wire working, clay modeling and crocheting and knitting.  It is her unique style and craftsmanship that sets her apart from other designers in our area.  Her gift baskets have taken on a life of their own and are highly coveted. Need that special something for that special someone? No problem. Janet can and will deliver! 

It is interesting to note that Janet also specializes in hand-made designs for dogs.  Please feel free to inquire at The Jumping Bulldog regarding her designs and personalized items.