If disaster strikes, are you prepared?

dog-emergencySeptember is “National Preparedness Month”

For many of us pet parents our cats and dogs, and other critters are members of our families. We care for them, we love them, and we ensure their comfort, safety and wellbeing.

Surprisingly, a local poll shows that many people do not have emergency preparedness plans –for themselves or for their pets.

Don’t get caught in a traumatic event without being prepared: Make a plan and prepare a disaster kit for your family and for your pets.

There are simple steps we can take to facilitate an orderly rescue of our pets in need. From getting Rescue Alert Stickers 51guee790wlthat indicate the types and number of pets in your household and your veterinarian’s phone number, over choosing “Designated Caregivers” (e.g. friends outside the danger zone, boarding, dog walkers, et), to helping emergency workers help our pets.

Government agency FEMA as well as the CDC, the Red Cross, and the ASPCA have recommendations for Pet and Animal Emergency Planning. Simply typing “pet emergency planning” into your browser’s search bar will present many different valuable resources that ultimately may help save your pet’s life.


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