Basia was born in Nassau, New York, but she grew up in a small village at the bottom of Mt. Olympus in Greece.  

She was taught to respect and care for animals from a very young age. Basia grew up owning pet dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, a turtle and a few canaries.  Growing up it was not uncommon to play with the village goats and sheep, or to go chasing after cows and the neighbor’s donkey.  The occasional hedgehog, pig and horse were also among the village children’s playmates.

In 2004, Basia moved back to New York to fully explore her birthplace.  Basia loves spending time with animals, and she always tries to find new ways to communicate with them.  She believes that through our love for animals we can evolve into a more caring species as a whole.

Basia is the proud owner of two darling cats.  She also owns a quickly growing pet sitting and dog walking business, and she works as a volunteer Zoo Guide at famed Central Park in New York City.

It is Basia’s personal, and highly fulfilling mission to continually educate herself about the importance of animals in our lives.

Her business is fully bonded and ensured.  Please check out her site, or email her with any questions you may have.  You can also reach her at (347) 323.4549.

Since Basia has an Astoria resident she has quickly become an often seen and well known neighbor, who always has a smile and friendly word for everyone.  It is her passion and sincere caring for animals that make people want to entrust her with their cats and dogs.  

Your pets will love Basia, and so will you.