Puppy Training Classes

Our group training classes at The Jumping Bulldog have been a huge success!  New classes start Monday, November 15th.  There are only a couple of spots left in each class, so sign up now before they fill up!

Puppy Kindergartenonly 1 spot left!

Want to learn how to communicate with your new canine friend and have tons of fun in the process?

Our classes focus on teaching bite-inhibition (gentle jaws), socialization, household manners and obedience (sit, down, come, and more!) You will learn how to housetrain your pup, as well as how to prevent and troubleshoot common behavior problems, such as barking, nipping, and chewing. Classes also include puppy playtime, where your pup will learn vital socialization skills, which can prevent fear-based aggression as your puppy matures. Owners will learn how to communicate with their pups, in order to raise a well-adjusted new member of the family! All puppies 8 weeks up to 6 months are welcome.

Classes will meet Monday evenings at 7:00pm. We meet for one hour each week for 6 weeks.  The fee is $300.  The next class begins November 15th.

Basic Obedience & Good Manners I – only 2 spots left!

This class is designed to help you better understand your dog, enhance communication, and teach your dog to make good choices. With an emphasis on impulse control, you will learn how to apply essential obedience commands, including sit, stay, come, leave-it, and loose-leash walking to your daily life. Whether this is your first attempt at training your dog, or you are building on the skills learned in previous training endeavors, you and your dog will benefit from this life-changing class! Dogs 6 months or older are welcome.

Classes meet Monday evenings at 8:15pm.  We meet for one hour each week for 6 weeks.  The fee is $300.  The next class begins November 15th.

All classes are limited to 4 dogs so you get more one-on-one attention!

To learn more about Good to the Bone Dog Training, visit: www.GoodtotheBoneNYC.com

To reserve your spot in our next class, please call 516-967-8177, or email the trainer at: info@GoodtotheBoneNYC.com.


Wendy DeSarno, CPDT-KA, CTC

Certified Trainer and Behavior Counselor

Good to the Bone Dog Training

(516) 967-8177


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