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At the Jumping Bulldog we offer a full spectrum of dog grooming in NYC.

A full groom** for any size dog with medium to long hair includes cleaning of their eyes, ears, teeth and nails, full brush out, hair cut, wash and dry. We are happy to inform you know that we only use 100% original Isle of Dogs and earthbath™ products for your dog grooming needs. In general we use either 100% natural oatmeal and/or hypoallergenic shampoos. Depending on what you prefer, we can also use other shampoo and conditioner products. Please note that an extra charge applies for product requests other than what we normally use.

Our promises!

  • Chemical-free grooming products
  • Noose-free grooming (whenever feasible)
  • Muzzle-free grooming (whenever feasible)
  • No sedation
  • Cage-free environment
  • 1 pet : 1 groomer policy
  • By appointment only

** NO anal gland extraction!

Make sure to let us know if you or your pet prefer a particular groomer. Otherwise you will be assigned to a groomer of our choosing.

Please note that when estimating the price for dog grooming we go by weight. Breeds listed below are examples only.
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Gratuities for our professional groomers are customary and welcome!

All prices listed are a general estimate only. The final price will be quoted to you after our inspection of your pet. However, we do try our best to keep specific dog grooming prices the same as our pricing guidelines.

Our price list is subject to change without notice, and we encourage customers to contact us directly by phone or email for the most up-to-date pricing.



Grooming Menu

Dog Standard Groom

Includes full brush-out, bath (shampoo & conditioner), hair cut and blow dry, eye and ear cleaning1, teeth brushing, nail clipping, and sanitary trim.

XS Dogs (1 – 5 lbs.) $55
SM Dogs (6 – 20 lbs.) $65
MD Dogs (21 – 35 lbs.) $75
LG Dogs (36 – 65 lbs.) $85
XL Dogs (66 lbs. and up) $95+

1 Including hair removal.

Dog Mini Groom

Includes bath (shampoo & conditioner), blow dry, eye and ear cleaning, nail clipping.1

XS Dogs (1 – 5 lbs.) $40
SM Dogs (6 – 20 lbs.) $50
MD Dogs (21 – 35 lbs.) $60
LG Dogs (36 – 65 lbs.) $70
XL Dogs (66 lbs. and up) $80+

1 Please note that additional charges will apply for a heavily soiled dog.

Dog Individual Grooming Services
PAW-sitively à la Carte!

Ear cleaning $10
Ear hair removal $10
Eye cleaning $10
Nail trimming $10
Teeth brushing $15
Tick removal1 $15
Ear cleaning and ear hair removal $15
Sanitary trim2 $25
Full sanitary trim, incl. belly $30+
Pad trim $25
Ear cleaning3, nail clipping, and pad trim $25
Paw treatment4 $25
Pet-icure (nail clipping and color polish) $25+
Maintenance brush-out $25+
Hot oil treatment* $40+
Hair Color $40+
De-shedding treatment5 $50+

Please contact us if you have any questions about our paw-sitively a la carte services, or if you would like something that is not listed!


Mohawk $20 in addition to regular haircut**
Bring your own shampoo/conditioner6 $12
Bring your own medicated shampoo/conditioner N/C
De-shedding shampoo/conditioner, or both $8 (one) or $14 (both)
Flea and Tick treatment7 $35
Whitening and color enhancing shampoo/conditioner, or both $5 (one) or $8 (both)
Waterless shampoo
Allergy relief shampoo/ conditioner, or both $12 (one) or $20 (both)

* A hot oil treatment is a deep penetrating conditioning treatment that seals and replenishes your dog’s hair shaft with natural oils. It is beneficial for short and long-haired breeds alike. It enhances the manageability of your dog’s hair, and creates a beautifully vibrant coat. It is especially helpful during the winter months when homes are heated. The dry air can make your dog’s skin dry, flaky and itchy, resulting in excess dander and discomfort. With a hot oil treatment your dog’s coat will come out softer, silkier, and smooth to the touch!

** A mohawk, as many other specialty cuts, requires additional time for hand scissoring skills!

1 For health and safety reasons, we will not remove more than three ticks. You must take your pet to the vet.
2 For this service we cut the hair very short around your pet’s private areas to aid in keeping them clean.
3 Without hair removal.
4 Exfoliating scrub and massage with moisturizing balm.
5 Original Furminator shampoo and conditioner
6 There is no charge when a customer brings his/her own medicated shampoo/conditioner.
7 In addition to the price of a bath and/or grooming.


Cat Grooming

Ear cleaning   $20
Nail clipping   $25
Ear cleaning and nail clipping   $40
Sanitary trim without bath   $35
Bath and dry only1   $75
Dry shave down, or Lion Cut1   $95
Bath and shave down, or Lion Cut1 $110

1 These services comes with a complimentary brush-out, eye and ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail clipping.

Grooming Policies – Please Read!

Safety first!

In order to keep all our pets and our groomers healthy, we cannot accept any pet without proof of up-to-date vaccinations records.
As a rule, a rabies tag, or a call from the vet is not enough, and it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure the vaccination paperwork is valid before showing up for the appointment. Invalid records such as invoices, or rabies “reminders” are never accepted in lieu of a proper, valid vaccination certificate.


It is helpful to know that the rabies certificate can show one of two correct rabies vaccinations, either the one-year, or the three-year vaccination. If your certificate does not specify whether the vaccination was for one year or three years, the vaccination is assumed to be a one year vaccination. Vaccinations must have been given within one/three years from the date of your appointment.

A valid vaccination certificate contains all of the following information:

  • The date the rabies shot was given;
  • By what facility the rabies shot was given (particularly where the rabies shot was given by a different facility from the one providing the certificate);
  • A stamp or signature from the veterinarian;
  • The veterinarian’s address;
  • Name & address of the pet owner;
  • Name and breed of the pet.

Customers appearing for a grooming appointment without proper papers will forfeit their appointment.

We accept vaccination certificates by hard copy, fax, email, or postal service (provided the certificate arrives before your appointment). Photocopies are accepted.

Restraints and special needs pets

We reserve the right to refuse any pet without proper restraints: e.g. leash & collar/harness or carrier.

We also reserve the right to refuse any pet that appears to be too frail, too senior or too sick.


Please note that dogs may need to go up and down a few steps if they are too heavy for us to carry. If your pet needs to be crated, please note that we cannot accommodate this request, as we do not crate pets in our facility as a general rule.

Fair warning

Please let us know if your pet has a problem being around other dogs or cats so we can make the appropriate accommodations.

Occasionally it happens that a pet is not keen on the grooming process. We are asking all customers to warn us if their dog has ever been difficult during grooming. Keep in mind that even where your dog is usually well-mannered, just like people, their mood on a particular day, or how they get along with a certain groomer, may simply not result in a happy grooming experience despite our best efforts.

Drop-off and pick-up

  • If you opt to give us grooming instructions over the phone, or if your pet is not picked up by the same person who dropped them off (e.g. family member, friend, etc.) we are in no way responsible for resulting miscommunications. We work best when we can discuss grooming in person with your pet there for reference. When you come to pick up your pet we will confirm with you to make sure that the grooming was done to your satisfaction.
  • You, or whoever picks up your pet, should check your pet thoroughly after grooming to make sure you are satisfied with the hair cut and/or other service. We can make any adjustments at that time, or discuss other remedies if you are unhappy, but not after you leave the store.
  • We are in no way responsible for anything pertaining to your pet’s grooming once it leaves our premises, especially, when it comes to fleas.  Fleas are easily contracted on the shortest of walks, or can even be brought home on human clothing.  The Jumping Bulldog takes flea infested pets only at the end of the day, when all other pets have left, and the facility can be treated safely for next day operations.


Please respect your appointment and our time.  A substantial amount of revenue is lost due to no-show appointments. We require 24-hour notice for cancellations. We understand emergencies happen, but after 2 (two) times, we will require prepayment of your pet’s next scheduled appointment.

  • All cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice and/ or no-shows will incur a $20 charge on the next visit per dog.
  • Cancellations with sufficient time will not incur any charges.
  • Customers who arrive more than 15 minutes late may forfeit their appointment.
  • Pets that are picked-up more than 15 minutes after their scheduled time will incur regular daycare charges at $10 per hour. That $10/hr charge applies at the beginning of the hour, not the end. This means that any customer who comes a 1/2 hr late is still expected to pay the full hour charge.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any appointment at any time. However, we will always try our best to keep a booked appointment.
  • We reserve the right to change the type of appointment booked (i.e. for a Standard Groom, from XS Dog to SM Dog) when you arrive for your allotted time, typically where the pet is actually bigger than the scheduled appointment suggests. Such changes may result in additional grooming charges or added grooming time.


De-matting a pet (brushing out tight knots and tangles) is a sensitive and time-consuming process. Severely matted pets will incur additional charges of .50 cents per minute.

  • In certain cases, matted pet hair can resemble dreadlock-like knots that have developed so close to the skin that it may be impossible to brush them out. Therefore we must remove them by shaving them off at the root. These “dreadlocks” emerge over time due to a lack of proper skincare and brushing. At the time of shaving, scratch marks on the skin may appear from the buzzer.
  • Brushing your pet’s hair often and taking them in for frequent grooming will prevent matts from forming. Discuss creating a regular grooming schedule with your groomer.
  • In some circumstances matting may be so severe that, for the wellbeing of the pet, we may refuse to do any de-matting or shaving at all.


We cannot guarantee that your pet’s grooming will take a specific amount of time. In general, we estimate a time frame of approximately two hours per pet. The actual time it takes to groom a pet depends upon the condition of a pet’s coat and the pet’s behavior. Please make sure to account for this when considering your schedule and choosing your appointment time.

We welcome walk-ins for smaller grooming services (e.g. nail clippings or pad trims, teeth brushing or ear cleanings). We will accommodate you as best we can depending on our schedule.


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