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Jessica M. Tibbatts, DVM is one of the most sought-after young veterinarians in New York City, and we are thrilled that she has joined the Jumping Bulldog!
Jessica M. Tibbatts obtained her degree from the coveted Louisiana State University, and she holds additional degrees in Biology and Organic Chemistry.
Through veterinary school she developed a passion for the Feral Cat Project (a spay/neuter release/rehoming program) and was promoted to one of the main student surgeons.
Dr. Tibbatts has a deeply rooted belief that helping homeless animals in any way possible should be a duty to the veterinary profession, and she hopes to start a non-profit in the near future to raise money for the cause.
Dr. Tibbatts is a true believer in house call visits, because feels that it is not only very important but also beneficial to decrease the stress levels which skew the physical exam results in normal clinical settings. Likewise, providing a pleasant experience at home, would provide a more welcoming exam the following visit.
Dr. Tibbatts says, “I believe it is important to be a confident veterinarian and to continue to acquire knowledge and surgical skills. I believe compassion and empathy is very important in both our professional carriers and everyday lives. It is very important for me to continue to grow as a person and to work and contribute to an atmosphere which encourages learning, personal ethics, kindness, and good will.”
Currently, she is working in a number of environments and clinics, and her patients are very appreciative to have her service available to them and she enjoys working with them as well as the companies.

Dr. Jessica and Yankees-great Gabby Martinez
Dr. Jessica’s passion is your pet’s well-being!

Pet Veterinary Care Astoria, Queens

Contact Dr. Jessica Tibbatts @ |718| 274.2510 or send them an email to

Dr. Jessica Tibbatts
Jumping Bulldog
26-20 23rd Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105
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