Fruits and veggies are healthy treats for your dog and can be fed in moderation. If you feed too many of these foods, some dogs may experience an upset stomach. This could include loose stools - the whole yucky deal. However, if your dog is used to a varied diet that includes fruits and vegetables as a regular treat, their digestive system should be used to it and should have little problem. You can introduce these foods slowly, a small bit at a time in order to get your dogs digestive system used to the new arrivals.

It is never advisable to feed dog milk as most of them are considered lactose intolerant.  Also, please do keep in mind that this list is meant to suggest the occasional snack for your dog and should not be fed as a regular meal on a daily basis*. Many of these foods offer an extra nutritional boost and provide various health benefits.

Here is a list of safe fruits and veggies that Oskar likes as a snack!

Fruits   Veggies   Misc.
Apples (Contain potassium, which stimulates the immune system, and pepsin, which helps the stomach)   Broccoli (rich in vitamins)   Brown rice
Apricots   Cabbage (Rich in vitamins, good for digestive system and skin)   Cheerios
Bananas   Carrot sticks (Rich in vitamins, great treats to substitute for biscuits)   Flax seeds
Blueberries   Celery sticks (Chopped or juiced; can help with arthritis)   Organic fat free yoghurt, preferably French vanilla
Mangoes   Cucumber (Good for teeth and bones due to potassium content; can combine with carrots to promote a healthy liver and kidneys; in juice form, a good diuretic, peel cucumbers unless organically grown)   Organic, smooth Peanut butter
Peaches   Kale (Rich in antioxidants and can help reduce allergy symptoms)   Soft boiled or scrambled egg (Stay away from hard boiled, they can make Fido very gassy)
Pears   Olive oil (A tablespoon a day is good for skin and fur)   Unseasoned chicken or steak
Raspberries   Orange & yellow peppers   Veal bones uncooked (Cooked bones can have the tendency to become brittle)
Strawberries       Parsley (Can reduce allergy symptoms and aid kidney function; chop finely or boil parsley and add the juice over food)
        Plain mashed or cooked sweet potatoes
        Pumpkin (cooked/ canned organic)
        Spinach (very healthy; serve chopped)
        String beans (Lightly steamed; healthy and low-cal treat)

*Disclaimer: No human foods should be fed to your pet without prior consultation with your pet’s veterinarian!